An unexpected and constantly evolving space guided by the tireless search for unique pieces. This is the basis of our concept.
Our deep passion for Vintage allows us to offer a wide and highly selected choice of accessories and clothing from all over the world. From the finest Maison’s clothes to early 20th century workwear, from tailored suits to ‘80s and ‘90s unique pieces. We apply our research approach also to find those contemporary and transversal design pieces able to add value to their history and unicity.
All our Decò elements harmoniously take part in this game: items, collectibles, antique and design furniture make our offer full and allow The Cloister to always be new, evolving and surprising.
We are inside the 1400 Grifi house, and historical palace in the heart of the old Milan, in the 5VIE district, best known for the selection and the ultimate sophistication of its shops and galleries, and for its top notch events during the Milan Design Week.
Thanks to this great blend of energies, The Cloister is just the perfect place to host events and expos, enhancing emerging artists, designers, and anybody with an interesting story to tell.