Humboldt Books

Humboldt Books

Publishing house specialized in narrations and travel experiences that cross geography and literature, photography and art. We like it because: it brings back to life past adventures combining a contemporary taste.


A brand for sharing the beauty of words, writing and stationery. We like it because: sketching and doodling is a daily activity transversal to any professions.

Didi on paper

DOP is born from the union of two passions, photography and writing. Postcards and notebooks on sustainable paper and in unconventional formats

Libri Belli

Editorial project that gives a new life to old Italian books through amazing design. We love it because: you can judge them from the cover.

Henry Beyle Editions

Collection of small and super rare books, monotype printed. We love it because: culture is beautiful too.

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✅ The Cloister si prepara a due grandi settimane di promozione, dal 20 giugno al 4 luglio 2020
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