Daniela e Francesco are the fantastic duo that guides the fortunes of The Cloister.

Daniela, the boss is born in Genoa and cultivates a passion for bike races, every weekend mysteriously turns into an adorable damsel of the times of Coppi and Bartali and hurtles through the streets. The truth is a vintage-hunter of exception, she is the one who gave birth to this project with her lynx eye for all that is demodé and true chic at the same time

Francesco, the wizard is the magician Merlino of via Valpetrosa. It touches and moves continuously and spends time in gold, making objects sparkle by calibrating wise combinations and arrangements.

N.B. Sometimes entering from Il Chiostro you would like to buy one of them for their beauty and charm, before turning attention to a deco accessory.

The Wizard
The Boss
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