Thunders Love

Meeting between unusual chromatic games, a perfect mix of yarns and the use of traditional machinery. We like it because there is a detail in detail.


This is a remake of a model used for centuries by Shepards in the countryside of Sardinia, made entirely in Italy. We love it because is a design time machine.


The chair designed to be customized. Metal structure and velvet padding in the hands of the right craftsmen. We like it because: it combines comfort, beauty and coolness!

OVO Things

Thin and essential natural candles. A daily luxury, sober but decisive as a flame. We like it because: they are pieces that last and because less is better, always.


A brand for sharing the beauty of words, writing and stationery. We like it because: sketching and doodling is a daily activity transversal to any professions.

Studio Macura

Elegant, minimal design accessories that hide the size of the product in detail. We like it because: the container is as important as the content.


Young brand of design products that celebrate the love for all things in growth. We like it because: it fulfills the dream of growing small trees and plants in the palm of your hand.

Label Bougie

These candles are produced in France with the greatest care, from the natural cotton wick to the vegetable wax perfumed by the best fragrances of Grasse. We love it because: each collection tells a story.

Sara Scalzotto Studio

Contemporary ceramics handmade in Milan. The studio is the relationship between objects and body producing both sculptures and homeware. All pieces are unique and different.


Bronze, silver and hard stones crafts jewels. We love it because: you can’t find one equal.

Faïencerie Georges

Hand painted pottery collections in limited series. We love it because: they’re also wonderful on the walls.

Rosa Mosa Vienna

A small and unexpected craftmanship reality that create original and fun pieces to make you feel special.

Sima Sima

Canvas and leather bag, directly from Japan. We love it for: its exquisite and essential style.

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