Un-expected Chance

The Cloister is pleased to host at the next #fashionweek Milanese some collections of students from NABA Fashion Design who walked the catwalk during the 2019 fashion show “So Young! So old.”
Cocktail party, h. 19.00

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Space and time have new, thinner, more immense surfaces. The bonds of this new world are built by experimenting with voids and fullness, making a mistake in balancing, playing with suspensions. Covers, filters, transparencies, glazes, layers of variations, everything is the whole of the expanded material, the myriad of dots joined by different breaths. h 19.00

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Milano Photo Festival Nightlife

Photos of Maurizio Carlini about the London gay night life coupled with nature night shots. Live performance by DE Android band, h. 19.00

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DW19 Sam goes to The Cloister

An intimate exhibition –a live moodboard of flowerish ornaments. The Cloister presents the new creations by Sam Baron exclusively for Design Week 2019. Cocktail party, h. 19.00

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Il Mestiere, in persona

Il Mestiere makes its debut in society and presents itself in person to the great Milanese public, on the occasion of the 2018 Open Galleries. Il Mestiere is a weekly that comes out every Thursday and proposes in a single front page link of the creative world.

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Food for Fashion

The Cloister presents the launch of the collection Food For Fashion, the meeting between the designer Carlo Volpi and etiquette & friends. Cocktail party, h. 19.00

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Sébastien Notre X The Cloister

Paintings exhibition and presentation of limited edition tee-shirt collections. Sébastien Notre is a  young french artist, ex Central St Martins student and actually based in Milan. Sébastien does paintings, collages and sculptures.

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Let's Start the Summer together

✅ The Cloister si prepara a due grandi settimane di promozione, dal 20 giugno al 4 luglio 2020
➡️ Acquistando 2 prodotti, il meno caro lo paghi la META’!!!

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