The Cloister is an unexpected space in continuous transformation where the leitmotif is the tireless research for the unique piece.

Thanks to a great blend of energies, The Cloister is just the perfect place to host events and expos, enhancing emerging artists, designers, and anybody with an interesting story to tell.

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The Cloister is located inside the Casa dei Grifi, a historic building dating back to the 1400s located in the heart of the old Milan. 5VIE district is known for the high-level selection and refinement of its shops and galleries, and for the proposal of special events during the Milan Design Week.

Cortile di Casa dei Grifi, Milano
Let's Start the Summer together

✅ The Cloister si prepara a due grandi settimane di promozione, dal 20 giugno al 4 luglio 2020
➡️ Acquistando 2 prodotti, il meno caro lo paghi la META’!!!

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