Our wide vintage collection starts from one-of-a-kind clothes from the beginning of 1900 and gets to pieces of clothing from the 90s. We do not have strict rules, but beauty. We love to propose prestigious brands, haute-couture dresses along with other pieces able to surprise for their fabric, texture and patterns.


Workwear is one of our strongest passions. We search for rare and amazing pieces in authentic conditions all around the world. Items to collect. Our shirts, overalls, trousers, jackets tell stories that go beyond imagination.


Accessories are important: they have the ability to change, define and completely redefine a style. Eccentric, unusual, posh and classical. We always propose a great and continuously updated variety, looking for unexpected and original combinations.

If you are passionate about design and pieces of exceptional rarity, if you’re into collecting and love to have that wow thing, come poke around and discover our ever-changing 50s, 60s and 70s collection.

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✅ The Cloister si prepara a due grandi settimane di promozione, dal 20 giugno al 4 luglio 2020
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